• What is IRvoodoo ?

    IRvoodoo is a small universal infrared receiver / transmitter that connects to USB port.

    • What can it be used for ?

    IRvoodoo can be comfortably used everywhere you wish to remote control a computer application with remote control. Example: shift slides during presentations, rewind-stop-pause-forward music or movie players, etc. See more examples at use cases page.

    • How does it work ?

    For computer or mobile device IRvoodoo looks like an ordinary mouse and keyboard with multimedia keys (Human Interface Device; HID). A button press on remote control triggers (ordinary or multimedia; vol+, vol-, etc.) keypress(es) or mouse movement at computer.

    • Does IRvoodoo need driver software ?


    • What is IR blaster and what can it be used for ?

    IR blaster is a small infrared transmitter that connects to IRvoodoo. IRvoodoo can blast (transmit) infrared signals with IR blaster and control auxiliary devices. For example, it can change external TV tuner channels or power it on/off.

    • Which operating systems are supported ?

    All operating systems that support USB keyboard and mouse. IRvoodoo configuration programm VoodooTool works on Windows, Linux ja Mac OS X. You can configure IRvoodoo with your laptop and later use it with PlayStation or Android device. Configuration is stored at device firmware and IRvoodoo does not need a configuration utility running while working.

    • What if my operating system / Linux distribution is not supported ?

    VoodooTool program is written with C/C++ language using Qt framework. The program is open sourced and freely downloadable at http://dev.irvoodoo.com/trac/browser . More information for developers and hackers can be found at http://dev.irvoodoo.com/

    • How to configure IRvoodoo ?

    See complete configuration manual

    • Can I brick IRvoodoo if something goes wrong during a firmware upgrade ?

    Nope. Firmware can be easily restored and overwritten with simple procedure.