Use cases

  IRvoodoo can be used to remote control all programs, which use keyboard, mouse or multimedia keys as input. Drivers are not needed and the program doesn't have to support remote controlling, unlike other solutions (lirc, winlirc).

Before you begin

  1. Make sure you know how to set up IRvoodoo and remote control to work together. See also manual
  2. Have a look at the program you wish to remote control. Find out how to control the program with a mouse, keyboard or multimedia keys.
  3. Choose a suitable remote control, which is understood by IRvoodoo and doesn't interfere with other devices at home.



Remote button Press type Keyboard iTunes
Power Press Media key: Sleep OS X sleep/wake up
Left Press Media key: Previous track Previous track
Left Hold down Media key: Previous track Rewind
Ok Press Media key: Play Play/Pause
Right Press Media key: Next track Next track
Right Hold down Media key: Next track Fast-forward
Vol+ Press Media key:Vol up OS X Volume up
Vol- Press Media key:Vol down OS X Volume down
Mute Press Media key:Vol mute OS X Volume mute

Zalman MCE remote iTunes configuration



Remote button Keyboard Spotify
Left Media key: Previous track Previous track
Ok Media key: Play Play/Pause
Right Media key: Next track Next track
Vol+ Media key:Vol up Volume up
Vol- Media key:Vol down Volume down
Mute Media key:Vol mute Volume mute



VLC hotkeys menu can be found from "Tools -> Preferences -> Hotkeys"

For the following example, we set up only the most basic functions of the remote control. The picture below is an example of which hotkeys should be mapped to which buttons on the remote control.

Remote button Hotkey VLC
P.SIZE keyboard: f Fullscreen
OK keyboard: space Play/Pause
Left keyboard: Ctrl+Left Short jump backwards
Down keyboard: Ctrl+Alt+Left Long jump backwards
Right keyboard: Ctrl+Right Short jump forward
Up keyboard: Ctrl+Right+Left Long jump forward
V+ media key: Vol+ volume up
V- media key: Vol- volume down


Myth TV


Button Hotkey MythTV
Go Esc Exit, Back
TV Ctrl+t Jumpoint TV
Videos Ctrl+r Jumpoint Recordings
Guide s Show the Program Guide
Radio i More information
Left,Right,Up,Down Left,Right,Up,Down Left,Right,Up,Down
Ok Enter Select
Back/Exit Esc Exit, Back
Menu m Menu
Vol+ Media key Vol+ Vol+
Vol- Media key Vol- Vol-
Record r Toggle recording status of current program
Mute Media key mute Mute
Play p Play/Pause
Replay Page Down Jump back
Skip Page Up Jump ahead
0...9 Keyboard numbers 0...9 0...9
Red e Edit
Green z Load cuts from detected commercials
Blue d Delete