Installation Manual for Mac OS X

To configure IRvoodoo, download VoodooTool.

1. Installing software

To install software, first download VoodooTool for Mac OS X. OS X versions 10.6 - 10.9 are supported. Drag Voodootool onto the applications folder for installation. In case you don't wish to install the application, you can use it straight from disc image without installation.

In case VoodooTool fails to run and you get the following warning:

You have to change your system settings. To do that, open "System Preferences" dialogue and click on "Security & Privacy" icon.

Authorize yourself (1) and choose "Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere" (2). Close the dialogue and start VoodooTool.

2. Connecting IRvoodoo

If you haven't connected IRvoodoo to your computer using a USB cable, VoodooTool waits for the connection.

If you connect IRvoodoo to your computer and VoodooTool identifies it, the program starts automatically and is ready for configuring.

Congratulations, VoodooTool has successfully started ! You can start configuring IRvoodoo.

3. Automatic software updates

VoodooTool updates are automatic. The program downloads software updates from internet and starts the update process. Applying the update requires restarting the application. A message is displayed to the user.

If updating was successful, information about the update is displayed on the next application start.