IRvoodoo is a tiny red gadget which can be connected to USB port of a media center computer (HTPC) or any other device that supports USB keyboard and mouse attached to it. IRvoodoo converts your standard infrared remote control button presses to keyboard, mouse or infrared blaster events (you can control multiple devices with one standard remote). You can use IRvoodoo as an infrared blaster that sends infrared signals to set-top-box (STB) or home theater system, for example, meaning that any remote can act as an universial remote.

IRvoodoo does not require special driver software and runs on various operating systems. We provide you a free, open-source configuration software VoodooTool that lets you configure IRvoodoo device to meet your needs. Firmware and software updates which can be installed with a networked computer in a few mouse clicks are provided by us for free.

IRvoodoo works with MythTV, iTunes, XBMC, VLC Player, etc.

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